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ok people


I am now vlogging

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6.9.06 22:29


For the hugs and well wishes

Will be back in full gear in September.

With pics of cutie pie Rupert and Fergus the house cats...

ciao for now.

25.8.06 14:11

in St John's

Hi eveyone, I'm on room mates computer.

A quick note to say I miss u all!

See you soon!


Jia Jia

20.8.06 17:41

I'm leaving on a jetplane...ok scratch that..on a 20 hour bus ride

on Tuesday morning. Yeahhhhhhhh! 






I will be getting a new computer so this will be my last post until September!  I will not have a computer untill then.  Sorry.

If you guys want email me ur addys and I will send post cards via Sail mail.

anyhoo, How will I survive without the net?  I mean.   A full three weeks and no blogging!  eek!

Well see u in september!

11.8.06 20:35

some help for liv!

Goong (thx to http://img84.imageshack.us/img84/8572/falling3lg.gif)



  • Yoon Eun Hye as Shin Chae-gyung (bigumama-Crown Princess)
  • Joo Ji Hoon as Lee Shin (the prince)
  • Kim Jeong Hoon as Lee Yul (the exiled prince who comes back)
  • Sung Ji Hyo as Min Hyo-rin (the ballet former girlfriend who wants an affair with the married prince)
  • Choi Sung Joon as Kang In (Shin's friend who secretly likes Hyo-rin)
  • Lee Yong Joo as Jang Kyung (Shin's friend who likes Kang Hyun)
  • Uhm Sung Mo as Ryu Wan (Shin's friend who's filming every moment)
  • Jeon Ji Ae as Lee Kang-hyun (Chae-kyung's friend with the glasses)
  • Lee Eun as Kim Soon-young (Chae-kyung's friend)
  • Dan Ji as Yoon Hee-soong (Chae-kyung's friend)
  • Kang Nam Gil as Chae Kyung's father
  • Im Ye Jin as Chae Kyung's mother
  • Kim Suk as Shin Chae-joon (Chae-kyung's brother)
  • VS




     http://www.spcnet.tv/reviews/review.php?rID=1184  My Girl

    Seol Gong-chan (27): Lee Dong Wook 
    Joo Yoo-rin (25): Lee Da Hae
    Seo Jung-woong (27): Lee Joon Ki
    Kim Seo-hyun (tennis star, 26): Park Si Yeon
    Ahn Jin-kyu (24): Jo Kye Hyung ---has a crush on Sec. Yoon
    Ahn Jin-shim (25): Hwang Bo Ra ----her friend
    Yoon Jin-kyung (29): Lee Eon Jeong
    Chairman Seol Woong (Gong-chan's grandfather, 72): Byun Hee Bong (
    Jang Hyung-ja (Jung-woong's mom, 53): Kim Yong Rim ("Wife"
    Gong-chan's maternal aunt: Choi Ran
    Chairman's assistant: Ahn Suk Hwan


    10.8.06 02:59

    Re: K drama addiction

    Goong/The Princess Hours: An average girl finds out that her grandfather and the former King of Korea(ok, we know that korea hasn't had a monarchy for a while but its fiction-go with it) where good friends and they arranged for the marriage of his grand Daughter to the crown prince.  The first for the royal family, a mix between royal and the masses.

     Shin Family


    Shin Chae-gyung was to marry Lee Yul but his father the King died suddenly and Yul and his mother were forced to leave the palace and the country.  They moved to England and returned 14 yrs later in hope to gain Yul his position as Crown Prince. But now Chae and Lee Shin are already engaged.


                  Lee Yul                            Lee Shin

    With Yul and his Mother out of the palace, The great queen named Lee Shin's father king and him as crown prince.

    When the King's health takes a bad turn the Great Queen calls for the marrage.  Both Chae and Shin are 19 yrs old.

    Chae and Shin 

    The Crown prince who is desprate to get out of this marrage asks his secret girl friend of 2 yrs, Horyn to marry him but she turns him down, thinking its a joke and leaves the county to take part in a dance competition. She turns down the Royal Ballet company and comes back to Korea after she finds out it wasn't a joke but it was too late.

    Hyo rin

    Its like a love square.  Chae falls in love with Shin. Yul likes Chae buts she is married and Horyin keeps trying to date Shin.  and Shin starts to like Chae after living with her for a long time.



    Leo the snow leopard
    Leo was discovered alone in the snow

    Thirteen-month-old Leo is due in New York on Wednesday after surviving both the loss of his parents and the Pakistani earthquake.

    He was found in the snow-hit north of the country last year by a shepherd who hand-fed him to keep him alive.

    The snow leopard is one of the world's most endangered big cat species.

    from BBC.

    9.8.06 14:59

    Green River CCR

    The other day when I was lying down not feeling to well my friend calls me and asks me what I was doing.

    Lying down.

    Asks me if I want to go to the Street party at the Government Warf. 

    Why Not.

    So we arrange to meet in a half hour, so I go upstairs to get ready and every two minutes the phone rings. 

    I'm brushing my teeth when she calls me again.  She has to go get some warm clothes for Zack the little boy her mom takes care of.  Zack is going to go with us.

    So I walk to the corner of Main and Charles street just as she rolls by.  We go up to Grand Bay to get the clothes and back again so she can grab a warm sweater.

    We walk over to the Warf and my Counsins band in Playing.  I forget the name of their band, they play alot of contempory rock.pop stuff and we walk around a bit and Martina is there with her dog Milo who leaps to life whenever he sees me.  Gosh that dog loves me. I rub milo a bit and continue walking around the warf and Scotts Cove park with my friend.

    The first set is over and now its the County Boys playing newfie music.  All the kids want to hear cocksy wosky bird, which they play later in their set. 9:00pm rolls around and my friend starts calling her mom who is supposed to be at Scotts Cove to pick up Zack.  She's a bit late so she keeps ringin her.  A bit more in the Country's boys set her mom calls and we walk over to the park and wait at main street. 

    Her mom shows up and Zack goes home. We go back to the Warf and watch the end of the Country Boys set and the the CCR(clarence Clearwater Revival) cover/tribute band Green River come on with a dramatic entrance, a sharp cold wind blows in from the south and the fog bank rolls on in.  You can feel the soft wet mist all around you. 

    And I though I was cold before, nothing like the damp cold.  so we stay for a few songs and leave because we are too cold. 

    On the way we wounder if Bob's (Chicken Coop) is open, but its Sunday so it could be close.  But on main Street on the way to my house is a Pizza joint.  So we go and get a Huge(very large) slice of pepperoni Pizza with loads of cheese and peppers for $3.00.  And go to her house to eat it and watch some tv.  After a bit she asks me if I want some fruit wine, so we sit on her couch with pizza slice in one hand and wine in the other watching Fox Tv.

    around 11:30 I decide I should go home because I feel tired.

    I really wish I took my camera because I liked the way the moonlight and streetlights reflected off the ocean and the pavement casting light shadows over the streets.


    7.8.06 22:36

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